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        Vinyl Glove
        Category: Disposable Medical Supplies  Publish Time: 2018-12-16 19:31 
        Depending on the price changes of raw material Delivery Time : within 7 working days(depends on your quantity) Model Number : SY-33148 Place of Origin : china


        Latex free

        Ambidextrous-fits either hand
        Beaded cuff
        Pre-powdered and powder free available
        Available in many colors

        Our company chooses the best imported raw materials to produce gloves and have got

         ISO9001:2000 certification. We take perfect testing measures to guarantee the quality

         of the product. The products have been proved to accord with Europe CE Stan-dard

        after the testing of German TUV Company. 

           The quality of products is very stable and reliable. The products sell well in many

        countries and areas, such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East,


         and Africa etc., and get good reputation.


        The use of the products: The gloves are widely used in the labor protection of

        Hygiene inspection, food industry Chemical industry, Electron industry, Pharmacy,

        Paint and Coating Industry, Printing and Dyeing Industry, Agriculture, Forestry,

        Animal Husbandry etc., and the domestic hygiene.

           The property of the products: It can endure to sour and alkaline, guard against

         to oily dirt, and prevent from infiltration and germ. The gloves have no left and right

        difference and are easy to wear and take off. You can feel your hands very sensitive

        when using it.


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