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        Nitrile Gloves
        Category: Disposable Medical Supplies  Publish Time: 2018-12-12 15:06 
        Medical and food gradedis posable gloves nitrile rubber gloves Scope of application: Hospital and kitchen, household cleaning, hairdressing hair care, skin care SPA, care, landscape gardening, printing ink, printing, factory workshop, electronics factory, laboratory, etc., effectively protect hands, hands of health care for you.

        Product Details:

        Place of Origin:


        Brand Name:



        CE FDA ISO

        Model Number:


        Payment & Shipping Terms:

        Minimum Order Quantity:




        Packaging Details:

        Export standard cartons;Ctn:51*25*32cm

        Delivery Time:

        30 work days

        Payment Terms:

        L/C, T/T, Western Union

        Supply Ability:


         Product features:

        soft, comfortable non-slip, flexible operation Oil resistant acid and alkali resistant, lotion of powerful vinyl products. Gloves surface through special processing, can prevent adhesion, smooth hand, good air permeability, economic and durable, can be a mixture of both (disposable nitrile butadiene latex gloves) is processed by nitrile butadiene rubber latex, is indispensable in the hand protection products and prevent cross infection. Widely used in microelectronics, computer and communication. Mainly used in semiconductor assembly, precision components and biological medicine and so on many kinds of industry to use! Also suitable for family daily cleaning, clean and oil in the kitchen
        Product advantage:
        1. The nitrile butadiene gloves good antistatic performance, wear comfortable, good hand, flexible operation.
        2. The disposable nitrile butadiene gloves can be repeatedly used, not sticky, not easy ageing, is better than that of latex gloves.
        3. The disposable gloves nitrile butadiene non-toxic, no sensitization effect, is allergic constitution is the best choice.
        Warm tip:
        1. The disposable nitrile butadiene gloves Used for waterproof, prevent oil check the presence of air leakage, to set inside breathed, pinched her mouth, if not shrink, not leak, can use.
        2. The disposable nitrile butadiene gloves set to sell, from the top down, don't pull the fingers pulled down.
        3. The disposable nitrile butadiene gloves Prevent punctured by the sharp items such as needle, toothpicks and so on.
        4. Wear disposable gloves nitrile butadiene summer, if feel gloves big mouth, available ring rubber band fixation.


        Food Grade Nitrile,industry Grade Intrile

        Scope Of Application:

        Kitchen, Household Cleaning, Hairdressing Hair Care, Skin Care SPA, Care, Landscape Gardening, Printing Ink, Printing, Factory Workshop, Electronics Factory, Laboratory, Etc., Effectively Protect Hands, Hands Of Health Care For You.





        Port Of Sea:

        Yantian Port,China




        Blue And White




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